Malibu Maine is an imaginary hometown I built as a place to celebrate the State I love and the creative friends who inspire me. It's a home for my projects - finished and under construction - and a space to showcase a variety of works from special people. As the seasons change in Malibu Maine, so does the scenery.

I hope you'll visit often and enjoy your time here.

Tonya Shevenell

Imagination is more important than knowledge. For while knowledge defines all we currently know and understand, imagination points to all we might yet discover and create.
— Albert Einstein

logo by peter shevenell

My brother, Peter, listened to my every thought bubble while designing the logo for Malibu Maine. The barn and its alewife weathervane are nods to the natural beauty of Maine and to two of its enduring industries. Where farmlands meet the sea are places of "ancient conversations" and inspiration. I walk along one of these places every week, and it's where ideas seem to find me; including the one for Malibu Maine. The barn represents creative space where ideas grow and develop; its doors and window both invite light in and let it shine forth as a beacon. The weathervane shows direction. Alewives are sea-run fish indigenous to Maine, that once could be found migrating in any stream or river near the Gulf. Their journeys from ocean to pond or lake are symbolic of timeless persistence and exploration. Malibu Maine is all about imagination, creativity and the spirit of place. 

banner photo by Sue Lessard