Malibu Memory

“Memory is not just a then, recalled in a now, the past is never just the past, memory is a pulse passing through all created life, a waveform, a then continually becoming other thens, all the while creating a continual but almost untouchable now.” - David Whyte

I use images to help me remember experiences, feelings and new ideas.

When a good idea shows up, I take a picture of the setting I’m in and that helps my memory, whether I have time to write a few words down or not.  It’s easier for me to remember an idea when I have context; where I was and what I was doing. Also, the action of taking a photo gives motion to the moment; in turn making the idea and the space it’s inhabiting more active. 

Some "idea-moment-spaces" are less scenic than others. I have a picture of the inside of my refrigerator, because that’s where I was standing, staring blankly at butter last winter, when I had an editing idea for my film. 

I’ve walked by this painting thousands of times. 

Today I stopped, stared for a long while and took its picture. 

It’s how I’ll remember today: my mom’s birthday; my first July 24th without her; and the day Malibu Maine was born. 

Mom and Dad bought this William Ehrig Maine seascape when they were newlyweds. 

My Mom’s beauty is represented by the moonlight and her strength by the elemental force of nature.

“Malibu” is of Native American origin from the Chumash word “Humanliwo: where the surf sounds loudly” (reference)

The sound, movement and power of breaking waves remind me of Malibu.

My range of emotions today are rolling like the sea into a moonlit Maine night.

Happy Birthday Mom. Happy Birthday Malibu.